Problematic Role Models

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I was talking to a friend who revealed her celebrity role model to me in casual conversation. This person is not one that I would think many people would have, so I said, “Really?”

“Yes!”, my friend exclaimed. “First of all she’s beautiful. She fought her way to the top and made a life and a career for herself. Then when life kicked her because they said she’d lost her ‘It Factor’, she parlayed those same negative traits into a brand new career for herself.”

I was stunned and was inclined to agree. My friend’s defense of Anna Nicole Smith made her one hell of a role model!

We all have some perspectives that others may not share at face value. We all have a unique way of thinking and processing information. It is fascinating to me how many different points of view can derive from one seemingly simple concept.

No human is a flat character. There are good and bad in all people and once you add in the points of view of others, the perceived characteristics of each person can be infinite. That means that we all have a role model or two that we have to justify.

We can learn something from everyone, right? Maybe.

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