Now listening to Sounds in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder

Remember fantasizing about packing your favorite toy and muttering they’ll be sorry when I’m gone as a kid? Well, I did it as an adult last week. I ran away from home last week.

I’m a 33 year old woman who felt the need to hit the road and sit in my childhood home with my aging grandmother watching the Price is Right and Lets Make a deal.

Like most people who’ve moved away from home, I have a love-hate relationship with my hometown, Mobile, Alabama. I love the sprawling oak trees and that it sits on the water. I love the food and architecture. I love my family and friends. I hate the lack of opportunity and the old attitudes.

Views from my walk in Downtown Mobile

I’ve been super-stressed about my life and my career. Mishaps, boredom and the coming holidays that always me bring the blues causes to make an impromptu trip. My trip home was a much needed reset. I ate at my favorite places, visited the site of a former favorite bar, took tequila shots (classic bad idea), watch sitcoms that I usually don’t and ignored my responsibilities.

Takeaways from my week off

1. I truly know the best people.

2. Everything takes time. I’m doing to work to make changes in my life. Being in the middle sucks but I will get what I want.

3. I need a new little thing to make me feel excited about the day. Some people wear a specific scent or the color red. In the past, I relied on a good pump to make me feel alive. Unfortunately, a back injury makes it hard to be comfortable in the shoes I love these days. I’m also unbelievably clumsy and work in a building with marble-esque floors. No bueno. I’m choosing to replace my shoes with lipstick. Please believe that I am wearing a bold plum color going into this Monday.

4. I take this for granted, but the opportunity to miss days at work and not miss out on money is definitely a privilege.

Now it’s back to reality and the daily grind of maintaining the life I have and grinding to move to the next level.

Happy Tuesday, folks.

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