Make and Remake is now Books and Beverages

I shot one of my closest friends and a fellow blogger with whom swap blogging ideas with a text that said “What if Make and Remake is a book blog?”

“ZOMG!” was the immediate response.

Friend, if you’re reading, this was the only appropriate response.

When I started this blog, I wanted a place to write essays and to play with different ideas. I enjoy creating content but my indecisiveness and tendency to abandon projects (the girl loves to start things and walk away! #typicalaries) kept me from being satisfied with any particular topic. So I decided there’d be no topic. I’d let the blog tell me what it wanted to be. It turns out that books are the only constant theme in my content and my life. I’m always reading a couple of books at a time (and always debating with people who don’t count audiobooks as reading). I often finish a book and want to talk about it with someone but no one wants to listen to me ramble about a book they haven’t read. I already share the books I read. But the signs weren’t clear until a friend came to speak to me at an event we were both attending. We didn’t get a chance to catch up because we were sitting at different tables and I was trying to hide a crabby mood, so she came over to chat for a second. We exchanged pleasantries and immediately dove into what we were reading. Changed my entire mood to get a cool recommendation and to give a rec of my own.

Still, I fought it for weeks months because how nerdy would that be? I’m always annoyed when people comment about how often I read, which happened a lot growing up. Even today, I get, “You still reading all those books? I remember your nose was always stuck in a book!”. *Cringe and simultaneous eye roll.* I was a child of the 90s sandwiched between three younger siblings and older cousins. The age difference were 3-5 years in any direction, which is huge when you are a kid. No 8 year old wants to hang out with a 4 year old and the 12 year old wants nothing to do with either of them. Usually these people are referring to times when I was at a party or tailgate. I was usually older than the kids at the party and too young to properly enjoy a tailgate. Of course I bought something to read in the time that I would undoubtedly be spending alone surrounded by other people!

But conventional wisdom says create things around what you know and already do. So however predictable it seems, it’s what I do with my time. Why not create content around it?

All credit for the name goes to my roommate, another person that I chat about content with.  It only makes sense.  My Instagram feed is my proof.  Basically, I read, eat and drink.

There will still be the occasional random essay when I feel like writing about something in particular. But focusing on books will give me a place to put my thoughts, allow me to create more content and allow me to revisit some faves. I hope you’ll follow along. And because I’m always looking to collaborate, I hope you’ll join in on the fun by sharing some of your favorites.

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